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The Abstract painting of Miguel Mainar responds to an impeccable framework, without barriers, to reach a mysterious touch that appears to explode among geometric forms and symbolic insinuations. Born in Zaragoza in 1949, Miguel Mainar studied Drawing, Modeling, Painting and Decoration at the School of Art, 1963-1969. Soon he embarks on two transcendental journeys until 1986. After graduating in Drawing and Painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris, 1974-1979, he goes through a stage of geometric abstraction with an emphasis on black and white. In 1981, at the age of 32, he decides to live in Algeria, from where he holds a lasting memory for he lived at an oasis surrounded by palm trees from where he could see the passing caravans. It is at that time that he begins to work on large formats, on paper, in pure colors, and incorporating sands, graphite and lead.  His return to Spain was inevitable. In 1987, he establishes his residence at IPIES (Huesca), a sober and intense medieval village, a remembrance of that Algerian oasis in the midst of an extraordinary landscape. There, he searches for tranquility. At IPIES he performed numerous cultural activities, which were accompanied by the evolution of his paintings. The paper material becomes the main support for his works that depict geometric abstractions with emphasis on squared forms, sometimes with some figurative hints of architectural insinuations, always expressed in a spiritual tone of great depth and with a wide variety of colors, dominated by sepia and light tones.  From 2000 to 2010, he abandoned, without exceptions, any figurative suggestions and paper remains as the only medium, on which he uses pigments with gold, silver and oxide colors. The artist himself says that in the year 2000 he begins to search his own inner mysticism; this is expressed through the philosophical and Christian references from his childhood and the Muslim culture that he experienced for seven years. His works have then some figurative references, such as a human fingerprint, a plant or the cross as a Christian symbol. We find geometric abstractions, sometimes arabesque ones, dominated by squares, rectangles and some circles, which are enriched with exceptional textures, glazes and diffused areas, with a trembling touch to emphasize the unique spiritual and mysterious tone with different symbolic meanings. These are also fostered by a gentle movement in many of his works. His paintings beat with a gentle vibration as in his sought dreams.  Definitely, Mainar is an artist in a continuous and coherent creative process, a flawless and very personal one, meant to serve his undisputed authenticity, as a merger between his feelings and his portrayed ideas. 




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